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Training and eLearning
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Training and eLearning Services

As your organization grows and as technologies change, you will find that your business requires new software solutions. For these new tools to be adopted, integrated, and leveraged within your organization, it is necessary to train all of the individuals who will be expected to use them. Ranked One offers classroom training, remote training, and eLearning to provide your Team with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. In addition, many enterprise-level solutions are designed to be customized for your specific organization's needs, but with that comes a need to document all of these modifications. Ranked One can help you by writing all of the technical specifications, functional specifications, documentation, and manuals needed to support your new tools. We make it our job to ensure that your organization has a smooth and cost-effective transition into all of the new technologies required to help your organization grow and move with the times. We provide the following types of training materials and documentation:

Customized Training for Users, Developers, and Managers

Onsite Training Sessions with Ranked One Professionals
eLearning — Designed to dynamically adapt to only teach the skills and knowledge the Learner lacks
Remote Training Sessions with Ranked One Professionals
Online Customer Training Presentations
Webinar Training Presentations

Customized Documentation

User Training Guides
Quick Reference Guides
Technical Specifications
Functional Specifications
Workflow Processes